Basic Things to Understand SEO for Roofers

To be honest,  It is common to see the Facebook status of a SEOers who said that they had finished their website optimization SEO for roofers and were quite satisfied with the results achieved. In my opinion, SEO is not a job that has an endpoint, because your competitors also do the same thing, optimizing their website continuously. Indeed, a good position in the search engine will greatly help increase traffic because the number of clicks to our website will be greater, but that does not mean it is the most important thing in online marketing. And actually the position on search engines is not always a guarantee that clicks to your website will always be good, but indeed this can be a good start for your online marketing campaign. In addition, Google also always updates its search results, so that their search results can change from time to time. SEO is a continuous process and requires an investment of time and effort periodically.

It turns out that pretty much you know SEO for roofers who think that social media has nothing to do with SEO at all. In fact, search engines provide special assessments on web pages that have an element of authority on social media. This is why then there is the term Social Search because social media and SEO are very closely related. An example that we can see is the hard work done by Google in developing Google+ social media and Google Authorship. Relevant content that comes from trusted sources (the author who has authority) will be very influential on Google search results, and content that is widely shared on social media is easier to trust. So, they (SEO and Social Media) are something that cannot be separated.

Google continues to update their algorithms, even some of these changes make much SEO for roofers ‘websites sprawl’ even missing from Google search pages. However, the changes made by Google on their algorithms, inbound links (backlinks) are still one of the determinants of ranking a website in the Google search engine. However, if you only focus on link building then this is like digging a ‘graveyard’ for your own website. Links to your website can indeed increase rapidly, but not necessarily with good quality. Invest time and money to build more quality content. This will help the success of a website/blog for the long term, for example by making interesting articles on your business blog, or inviting guest writers, and others. But it’s not enough just to write articles, we also have to have goals in each article that is built.